Sales Dynamics/Customer Service

"For whatever else we know about buying and selling, one thing is sure. Patients will only buy for their reasons. Sadly, every doctor has watched a patient walk out of their office not accepting treatment that he or she knows they desperately need. As you prepare for your next case presentation, ask yourself, what is going to motivate this patient to say "Yes!" to treatment? – Jeff Gelona, Jameson Sales Coach
  • Are you struggling with case acceptance?
  • Do you have difficulty overcoming your patients’ objections?
  • Does your team understand and embrace their role as a “sales force”?
  • Is your team technically proficient when it comes to creating presentation materials?
  • Does the idea of “selling” make you cringe?
  • Do you and your team have the skills you need to get patients to say yes to the dentistry they need and want?
  • Do you provide the highest level of customer service to your patients?
  • Do you provide a WOW New Patient Experience in your practice?

"Sell" Is Not A Four-Letter Word!

Although the sales aspect of dentistry plays an integral part in the success of a practice, it is often a challenging area for dental professionals. Jameson provides you the skills necessary to give effective case presentations, make optimal use of technology for patient education and case acceptance as well as establish proper financing systems to help your patients say yes! In addition, Jameson gives you and your team the communication techniques and skills to provide the highest level of customer service to your patients.

Jameson in-office comprehensive coaching will help you and your team:

  • Make effective case presentations.
  • Establish the role of treatment coordinator in your practice.
  • Understand your roles in patient education and case acceptance.
  • Create a proper treatment plan.
  • Optimize your technology to increase case acceptance.
  • Communicate with your patients in order to establish trust, need and urgency in their perception of their dental care.
  • Implement an incredible and effective New Patient Experience in your practice.
  • Create a strategy for improved internal marketing and customer service.
  • And more!