By Susanne Kimball, Chief Creative Services Marketing Officer

Is your Facebook page suffering from a post drought? Does it have a blurry, outdated photo as the cover photo or profile picture? Has someone told you ‘get active on Facebook’ but you just don’t know how? If these sound familiar to you, check out these 5 things you can do right now to fix your Facebook page.

  1. Make sure your business page profile picture reflects your business. When someone comes to your Facebook page do they see a headshot of the dentist (whom they may not know or recognize), or your business logo/name? Your profile picture should be your business logo for branding purposes.
  2. Start posting 2-3 times a week. An active Facebook page is inviting and encourages fan engagement. When someone comes across your page they expect to see a conversation and relevant information from the business.
  3. Tell your story. The ‘About’ section is there to talk about your practice. Since this is social media, your story can be light and fun. Be creative with your story!
  4. Use graphics and video. Images and videos are seen more often in newsfeeds because the Facebook algorithm prefers these. To make sure your posts are getting seen more often add these tools into your weekly posts.
  5. Ask patients to LIKE the page. You could have a great page but it won’t matter if you don’t have fans. Make sure you tell your patients about your Facebook page and encourage them to hit the LIKE button. Consider a contest to promote the page.

Do you need help with content ideas, coaching on how to use Facebook, or interested in more ways to build your page? Contact your Jameson Marketing Team today!