Business to Business Marketing

When it comes to marketing your practice you probably first think about print advertising, online marketing or patient referrals. But have you thought about the opportunity that’s right outside your door? This type of marketing is fast, friendly and inexpensive. It just requires a little bit of planning, time, and your smiling face.

Networking with local business owners like yourself, and marketing to their teams and patrons can be a great source of new patients for you. It’s an opportunity to get in front of a group of people who may not have otherwise heard about you.

What’s included in the B2B marketing program?

  • Coaching calls with advisor to plan your B2B campaign and discuss the campaign pieces
  • B2B startup guide. How to start, what to do, what to say.
  • Goal setting
  • Practice worksheet to keep you organized
  • Business connection ideas with offer options
  • List of what to include in your practice promotional folder
  • Design of your practice flyer (long card, one sided) and printing of 100 cards
  • Content for introduction letter

want to learn more?

Read our blog – The Business to Business Marketing Plan You Can Implement Right Now written by Susanne Kimball, Chief Creative Services Marketing Officer.

Interested in Business to Business Marketing?