The Personal Side of Case Presentation

By Carrie Webber, Chief Communications Officer & Owner As dental professionals, you live within the clinical side of the care you provide – so much so that I dare to say many forget just how personal the work you do for patients can be to them. You are working on a...

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Commitment versus Compliance

By Cathy Jameson, PhD Leaders gain momentum from their employees when they involve them in the creation of the vision of the ideal practice – whatever that ideal is to them.   This is a valuable way to develop a sense of co-ownership in the practice – one that will...

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Is Your Team Ready to Soar?

By Danya Montoya, Jameson Advisor As a business owner you read every blog, journal, and leadership book you can to increase your awareness and to promote growth within your practice. It is expected of you! When you are presented with an opportunity to change the...

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June is National Smile Month

By Susanne Kimball, Chief Creative Services Marketing Officer   Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. You’re not fully dressed without a smile. Be the reason someone smiles today.   The goal of National Smile...

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5 Things To Do Now To Fix Your Facebook Page

By Susanne Kimball, Chief Creative Services Marketing Officer Is your Facebook page suffering from a post drought? Does it have a blurry, outdated photo as the cover photo or profile picture? Has someone told you ‘get active on Facebook’ but you just don’t know how?...

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