By Susanne Kimball, Chief Creative Services Marketing Officer

Direct mail advertising has been around for a while. First in the form of mail-order catalogs and now many businesses use direct mail to advertise their business. In fact, your mail box may have a direct mailer in it at least once a week. With so many businesses on the direct mail wagon now, I often get the question: Is direct mail still effective?

My answer: yes, it is!

According to a USPS study, more than 60% of direct mail recipients were influenced to visit promoted website, with greatest influence on first time shoppers. Think what 60% more website traffic could do for you. When monitoring direct mail campaigns, we often use Google Analytics as a tool to measure progress and always see an increase in website traffic from the time the campaign started. 

We know that people need to see, hear, feel a message 5 to 7 times before acting on it. Which is why we recommend a direct mail campaign that targets the audience at least 5 times. That gets your message in front of your target audience the appropriate amount of times so they will take the desired action. 

Everyone isn’t always in the market for a dentist, but that’s not a reason to not advertise. Staying in front of the people you want as patients only strengthens your brand. In fact, 39% of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising. (DMA) Be consistent with your messaging, be persistent and don’t give up on marketing, and be patient with the campaign.

Direct mail, just like any marketing tool, works best when complemented with other marketing tools. Think of direct mail as a supplement to your other marketing, like your website, each supports each other. ONE marketing tool will not fix anything, there is no silver bullet, but many used together will produce results.

Direct mail is still an effective way to get your message to your target audience the appropriate amount of times. When doing direct mail it’s important to use it as part of a larger marketing campaign. You also want to ensure your messaging on the mailer reflects your practice philosophy and entices the audience to take action.