Jameson Office Evaluation

Are you clear about the vison of your practice yet not sure how to make it a reality?

Ready to implement change for the year ahead and looking for guidance on how to start?

Curious how your practice can continue to grow and what you need to make that happen?

Experience the Jameson Office Evaluation (JOE). A customized approach to help you pinpoint where your practice is now, determine where you want to go, and how you can get there. You receive an executive summary of findings in addition to suggestions for improvements to help you get started.

Each client completing an Evaluation receives a thorough analysis of your current practice systems including:

  • Purpose, Mission, Vision
  • New Patient Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Team Engagement
  • Productive Scheduling
  • Hygiene Program
  • Profit and Loss
  • Recall / Retention
  • Scheduling
  • Case Presentation
  • Treatment Acceptance
  • Financial Agreements
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Expense Control
  • Verbal Skills
  • Internal Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance
  • Needs Assesment
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Practice Transition

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“We had the most amazing visit and experience with Suzann this week. If we could keep her we would. The knowledge and experience that Suzann came to us with more than met and exceeded our expectations. Along with that, it made previous experiences with consulting groups a thing of the past.  Thank you for sharing her and your program with our team. We look forward to a long future with Jameson.”

Katie Burckhardt
Hanosh and Hunter Dental Group