As an owner of multiple dental practices, you feel unique stresses and have particular operational expectations that are unique just to you as a dental business owner. At Jameson, we recognize these specific questions and needs that you may have unanswered.

Let Jameson help you become more strategic, more streamlined and clear on how to progress forward with positive growth in your business. Invest in a program that brings all of this to you.


1. Owners interested in future expansion by adding associates and/or locations.
2. Owners of multi-locations looking to systemize growth and reduce stress through:
a. Improved organization.
b. Operational systems.
c. Strategic planning.

How does it work?

Led by veteran executive of the corporate and large group dental world, Suzann Harms, Jameson’s Chief of Operations Development, this program coaches you through the operations needs of your business, helps you streamline your existing operations and prepare for successful growth in both your existing practices and the additional practices you may be adding in the future.

Your Vision Days include:

• Onsite work with Suzann Harms in developing your plan
• Review of current structure including ownership, locations, and communications
• DSO review
• Vision casting
• Goal setting
• Creation of the strategy timeline & next steps
• Identify top three opportunities for growth and improvement

Are You Ready?

Ready to get your vision and your practice in alignment? Ready to identify the needs and opportunities within the operations of your business? Have Suzann join you at your practices for a Jameson Operations Vision Day. Focus in on your business and build out a plan of progress that can leap you forward either with Jameson’s help or on your own. Our success is based upon your success.



“The two days I spent with Suzann were incredibly productive. To spend 2 full days away from life distractions and simply thinking and brainstorming ways to improve my existing practice and create a vision for owning multiple practices with an advisor like Suzann blew me away. Her experiences in dentistry, her leadership, and her intelligence allow her to extract my core values for my life and business desires much faster than I could do on my own. I don’t know if there is anyone else as qualified in the country to do what she does.”

Nic Baker
Bloomington, IL, Bloomington Modern Dentistry


Optimization Day

Receive the return on your investment of your new PlanScan CAD/CAM unit more quickly with this in-office Optimization Day powered by industry leader, Jameson Management.



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