Leading with Purpose While Leaning on Mentors
The Journey of Jameson and Dr. Deborah Aten

High performing teams often have similarities and successful traits that run through them. One of those traits is the presence of a leader that recognizes the needs of the practice and brings in the resources the business and team need to be successful. This perfectly describes the journey of Jameson with the practice of Dr. Deborah Aten in Charlotte, NC.

There are many qualities that make Dr. Aten a success. Because of her background as a practicing hygienist prior to dental school, she saw the benefits early on of having structured systems and skills to lead people, which she had not been taught in school.

Dr. Deborah Aten & Her Team

We made the decision to work with Jameson at a time when our practice was growing,” says Dr. Aten. “Following the expansion of the office physical facility and the addition of several new team members, it was obvious that we needed guidance and direction for the growth of the practice. We needed to implement systems that were streamlined and customized to our practice philosophy. Jameson was able to provide knowledge and insight in the dental industry. Their guidance allowed us to implement systems that provided a consistent outstanding dental experience for our patient family.”

Dr. Aten not only recognized and appreciated the need for systems within her practice and effective training on how to maximize those systems, but she welcomed and embraced her own personal development, the individual development of her team members and the development of her practice.

After the first year of her work with Jameson, Dr. Aten desired to continue with a full year of in-office days the 2nd year, and has continued with full coaching every year since. She is beginning her 5th year as a Jameson client.

Throughout that time, the numbers tell the story.

  • Production has increased 88%
  • Production per day has increased 110%
  • Doctor production has increased 106%
  • Hygiene production has increased 68%
  • Total collections has increased 76%
  • New Patient numbers have increased 12%
  • Days worked has DECREASED by 11%

“We have many successful clients at Jameson – all that tell a special story,” says Jameson Advisors, Beverly Hill & Nancy Dukes. “Dr. Aten is particularly special to us because of the adversity she has overcome while staying focused on her vision and recognizing how powerful having a coach by her side can be through it all. She is a tried and true success story.”

By partnering with her Jameson Advisors, Dr. Aten has been able to develop and grow as a leader, as have her team members grown and developed as leaders.

“By establishing clear goals and good communication practices, we have created an environment that is desirable, productive and healthy for our team members. Our team members now feel empowered to assume leadership positions and maintain a sense of ownership with the practice,” says Dr. Aten.

During the traumatic times of loss, team upheaval and more, she looked to her advisors for support and coaching. Her Jameson advisors have been mentors through it all that she could turn to for help and advice.

“Over the years of working with Jameson,” Dr. Aten says, “we have experienced positive changes in our office. Work no longer consumes so much of my personal time, energy and resources. We have been able to monitor the production goals of the practice and have witnessed the positive impact of working with Nancy and Beverly as our Jameson coaches.”

If you are ready to create a career for yourself that soars in the face of adversity, that elevates you as a leader, a healthcare provider and a business owner, contact Jameson!