Testimonial Written By: Dr. Trish Barsanti, Arcata, CA

I can’t even begin to explain what Jameson has done for my team and me! I started working with them in July 2010. At that time, I had recently taken over a 40 year old PPO practice. I was producing $40K per month, collecting 35K & doing my own hygiene. I was averaging 8 new patients per month. My hygiene retention was around 40%. We were pre-authorizing all treatment over $300. We were not pre-blocking our schedule and we were using a 15 minute schedule rather than a 10 minute schedule.

We did not have morning huddles to organize our days and no communication system to escort patients from the business area to clinical area (Jameson has a foundational system called the 3x5 that is really the foundation for what they teach-we couldn’t live without it!) Our fees used to be below the 20th percentile. These are just some of the ways that we needed to improve, but no matter how many practice management courses I attended or magazine articles I clipped, I could never achieve any meaningful change on my own.

After attending a class where the speaker used Jameson coaches in his own practice, I decided to have Jameson into my practice for an initial evaluation. I signed up with Jameson, having faith that this would help me reach my goals. This was the single best decision I have ever made in business.

Now we produce between 100-140K per month depending on number of days worked (collecting between 90-115 due to PPO adjustments). I have two hygienists running 7-8 days of hygiene per week. We average 20 new patients per month, and this number has been limited by the space of our current office. We have a beautiful website that drives people to call us. We have an active social media campaign that connects us to our patients and community.


Dr. Trish Barsanti, Arcata, CA


We start each day with a morning huddle so the entire team is on the same page. This has improved patient care, but it also helps direct patients into open slots and has helped with hygiene retention which is now around 80-85%. Patients all leave with the next visit scheduled. They have a financial policy that they have signed and have financial arrangements for the treatment that they are going to receive. Our fees are in the 80th percentile. We have computers in every treatment room with intraoral cameras that help us present treatment-patients can co-diagnose treatment. About half of the restorative treatment comes out of the hygiene rooms because the hygienists are photographing teeth that look suspicious, and preheating patients about possible restorative needs. We also strive to present treatment in a manner that makes sense to the patient based on their style of communication (Jameson is excellent at teaching behavior styles and coordinating communication techniques). We now have a protocol for everything from how to answer a new patient phone call, to a radiographic protocol, to how to fill a failed appointment, to hygiene retention. This means that the office is a well-oiled machine. It also means that when there is staff turnover, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It is amazing! I am still being coached with them and just adore my coaches – they are an integral part of my team!

You have to be coachable for a relationship with Jameson to work. You could keep things the same and save your money. But for me, not a single month goes by that I don’t make back the initial investment because I am willing to change my ways. If you are too, it is totally worth it, call them today and make the changes you have been waiting for!

– Dr. Trish Barsanti, Arcata, CA