The Journey of Jameson and Morton Dental Center

Many have heard the horror stories – or even experienced it personally – of dental practice transitions gone wrong. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a horror story to leave a bad taste in your mouth, it can just be a story of unmet expectations and discouragement. Transitioning ownership of a practice doesn’t have to be a disappointing experience, in fact it can be a revival of a practice’s very best potential that launches the team and transfers the doctors into the next stratosphere of success! Jameson’s story with Morton Dental Center in Morton, IL is this kind of transition story.

Dr. Gary Long and Dr. Erika Grimm, the father/daughter dentists and past/present owners of Morton Dental Center were arriving at the time of transition in the practice.

Morton Dental Center Team

“I initially consulted with Jameson when I was purchasing Morton Dental Center from my father, Dr. Gary Long,” says Dr. Erika Grimm. “We were about to embark on a transition that included Dr. Long cutting back and the introduction of our new dentist, Dr. Pete Smidt, into an established 30+ year practice. My goal was to have as smooth and effortless a transition as possible while still keeping the best patient care as our focus. Danya Montoya and Andrea Greer of Jameson created an individualized plan tailored to Morton Dental Center, incorporating technology, personalized care and the best education in dentistry.”

The support that the Jameson team of Advisors provided the team at the beginning – and continues to provide today – as they work through the processes has been essential to keeping the vision Dr. Grimm has for the practice on track. Their production and new patient numbers have increased exponentially while accounts receivable has decreased at the same pace.

The numbers speak for themselves:
• 38% increase in production.
• 33% increase in collections.
• 45% increase in Doctor production.
• All in their first year of work with Jameson!
The entire team is on board with providing exceptional customer service and an experience that is above all others in their community.

“Jameson has become an integral extension of our amazing team,” says Dr. Grimm. “Our practice’s success is not only shown in the numbers but personally has allowed me to reduce the amount of hours I work and spend more time at home with my family.”

“It has been a pure pleasure to help guide Morton Dental Center in this journey,” says Jameson Advisor, Danya Montoya. “Not only has Dr. Grimm and team embraced Jameson’s coaching in their practice, but they have been a longtime customer of Henry Schein, incorporating all of the great opportunities for growth Schein has to offer, including the E4D/PlanScan CadCam technology.”

It is the best kind of success story. The Jameson systems have excited the team so much that Dr. Long has now put off his retirement and they are adding more space to the building for the associate doctor, Dr. Smidt to practice.

Transitioning your dental practice can be smooth, effective and successful. With mentors and advisors guiding your decisions and communication, you can keep your vision clear, establish a smooth process and keep your team excited and motivated for the future. Let Jameson’s team of management and marketing advisors help you start – and complete – your dental career on a high note.

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