The Business to Business Marketing Plan You Can Implement Right Now

By Susanne Kimball, Chief Creative Services Marketing Officer

When it comes to marketing your practice you probably first think about print advertising, online marketing or patient referrals. But have you thought about the opportunity that’s right outside your door? This type of marketing is fast, friendly and inexpensive. It just requires a little bit of planning, time, and your smiling face.

Networking with local business owners like yourself, and marketing to their teams and patrons can be a great source of new patients for you. It’s an opportunity to get in front of a group of people who may not have otherwise heard about you.


Identify five nearby business that you would like to network with. If you’re in a densely-populated city start with a small radius, like 1 mile. If you’re in a rural area make the radius bigger.

Develop a plan to reach out to them:

  • What you will say. Tell them about yourself and the practice. It helps to prepare this ahead of time. Leave them with a welcome packet that includes your information (brochure, business card, introduction letter) and some customized items with your logo on them like a sports bottle, pen or gum.
  • When you will go. Face to face is always the best. You want to visit during a time the business owner or manager will have time to talk to you, so avoid busy times. A coffee shop is likely business in the morning, so perhaps a lunch time or afternoon visit is best.
  • Make a follow up plan. Take note of who you talked to and what was said. You should make a point to drop in once a quarter and find a reason or something new to share with them. You may find out they really enjoy the movies, so if you get a referral from them you can say thank you with a movie pass.


Bridal boutique
Offer a buy one get one take home whitening for bride and groom, bride and mother of bride or bride and maid of honor. However you want to do it, you’re appealing to a targeted group that you know is interested in looking their best for a specific event. Ask the boutique if you can leave your information with them and they will give the offer to every bride who purchases a dress.

Coffee shops
Offer a 20% courtesy on in-office whitening for their employees and give them branded coffee sleeves for to-go orders. Ask if you can leave table tents with your information on them on tables.


Once you’ve made some connections and gotten face time, start Facebook ads targeting businesses in the area and people who are at those businesses.

Offer to do a quick lunch and learn to talk about a topic you’re passionate about, like preventive care for example, and how your practice does that and what they will experience as your patient. Or invite the team to your office for a tour and lunch.

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